C. Sea Siren ‘Fellrath’s Pride’ aka C. Sea Breeze ‘Fellrath’s Pride’

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One of my favorite blue Cattleyas. Mature plants in bud in late April, early May. Vigorous, stay pretty short, and split leads fast. These are big plants  in 5-6″ pots.

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2 reviews for C. Sea Siren ‘Fellrath’s Pride’ aka C. Sea Breeze ‘Fellrath’s Pride’

  1. Jeff Tyler

    Just a correction on the varietal name. It should be spelled “Fellrath’s Pride” (two l’s). I worked with Frank Fellrath at Fred Stewart Orchids from ’75 to ’81 and it was originally his plant. I think he bought it as an unflowered catalog seedling, and then named it (or someone did) once it flowered. Not sure how it ended up in the trade, but I’ve seen it misspelled in various ways over the years.

  2. Rose

    How do you get anyone to respond or to get in touch with these folks? Pretty flower but don’t have it.

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