Blc Saint Catherine’s Creek ‘Kasai’


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If  you know me, you know I  like large-flowered Cattleyas best of all, and this large-flowered hybrid has the 2 best parents I could ask for, and in my opinion, represents the pinnacle of large lavender Cattleya breeding, offering flower size and shape, plant vigor, and nice growth habit. This is a clone of a select plant.

Between the 2 parents, as of the final version of Orchidwiz (9.1), these 2 parents accounted for more than 8000 progeny in subsequent generations of plants (see chart for parentage).

Mature plants break multiple leads easily and bloom in the fall with 3 or 4 6.5″ flowers per stem. Truly one of the easiest of all large Cattleyas. These are nice rooted divisions in 6″ or 6.5″ pots that will bloom this fall.

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