October means flowers!

Generally I am not a fan of autumn; it means that winter heating costs begin and that orchid plant growth slows down due to lower temperatures and a limited amount of sunlight from shorter day length. But it also means the blooming season for fall Cattleyas has arrived, and this year I have more blooming size plants than ever!

I often get the question “in which month do you have the most orchids in bloom?” The answer is always overwhelmingly October.  Continue reading “October means flowers!”

Spring time on the farm

Spring is a busy time on a farm; the days get longer and the amount of work expands accordingly.

So much to do this time of year, especially after working in Raleigh all winter long. I got my garden seedlings planted at the correct time this year and ended up with the most beautiful batch of seedling ever. With Flora’s help in weeding, most of the planting beds are ready and much of the garden is producing. Following are some photos of what happens in my life each spring.

Mid-February greenhouse pictures

This winter I have been working a 9-5 job in Raleigh, so I have had less time than I would like to keep this blog up to date. I will add to the sparse descriptions as time allows.

The early spring-blooming orchids are starting to pop. As you probably know, most orchids bloom in either the spring or the fall with many fewer in summer and mid-winter. I like spring flowers the best; after winter I am ready for some flowers! Oh, and the Brassavola nodosa has been in on our bar in the dining room for 2 months now, perfuming us every evening!

Greenhouse Photos 11/19/2016

This is what was in bloom as I walked through the greenhouse today. Many things have faded since the last documented walk-through, but many new and wonderful things have replaced them!


Greenhouse orchid photos 10/29/2016

Lots of showy Cattleyas and Dendrobiums this time of year. I took these in the greenhouse today.

Greenhouse photos 7/20/2016

These are a few of the things that popped out at me as I walked through the greenhouse today. Sadly, the Blc Haiku Dawn is the only one I have spares of that I could sell. Click the thumbnails to see larger images.