Is it spring yet?

Spring-blooming orchids are maybe the most appreciated of all since most plants outside have yet to flower.

This is the time each year when I am ready to be done with winter, but sometimes winter is not quite done with us. But in the greenhouse, it is definitely spring!

Longer days mean more sun, and more sun means more growth, which ultimately more flowers. Below are examples of some of the orchids that are in bloom in our greenhouse today.


It’s nice to have Cattleyas blooming again; it really brightens up the greenhouse. At one time large flowered Cattleyas ruled the flower market in spring for Easter and prom corsages.


Both of these are deciduous cane-type Dendrobiums. The canes grow straight up until they are about 2-3′ in length and are too heavy to support themselves, At that point they bend over and trail down. The flower buds form at each leaf joint in the early spring and provide colorful and nicely scented flowers.


Spider orchids and other various Oncidium alliance orchids that bloom  throughout and spring and summer and are generally available from us at the Carrboro Farmers Market.

Author: Bob

Bob has been growing orchids since 1985 and commercially since 1989. He has had several orchid articles published in the AOS Bulletin, AOS Culture Guide, and in Orchids Magazine. He currently resides in Chapel Hill, NC and runs Carrboro Tropicals, Chapel Hill's only provider of locally-grown orchid plants.

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