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  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if you are open, if so what are your hours?
    Most importantly, I understand you sell orchids, is that correct?
    I am a member of the Sandhills Orchid Society in Fayetteville and am always looking for new sources of orchids. If you do can you tell me a little about your orchid inventory, Lomé is it a large one, different varieties of orchids, etc.
    if so I would like to take a drive out to see you guys and see what you have.
    Looking forward to your reply.


    1. Hi Susan – We are definitely here and we have orchids, mostly Cattleyas. We are unfortunately not really open these days due to COVID19. We do though take online orders at our website: https://carrborotropicals.com/shop/. Sadly this shows about 1% of what we really have, but which we are adding to daily. As for what we have it is a few 1000 Cattleyas and some other odds and ends (Oncidiums, warmth-tolerant Cymbidiums, Phals, etc). Most of the things we have for sale are 3.5″ pots of Cattleyas that we have grown from flask/plugs, but we also sell mature plants/divisions. We are hoping that next year will be better for live visits!

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