Orchid Potting Introduction

While potting orchids might sound simple, there are several important things to consider if you want to be the best grower you can be. Orchid potting is one of the most important skills a good grower must master. People bring me dead and dying orchid plants every week and generally, they are not potted in a way that will make them easy for most people to grow.

Remember that most commonly cultivated orchid plants are epiphytic, air-plants that live high in trees, not in soil. And as such, they require air circulates around their roots. Block off that air with the wrong potting media, media that is rotting and compacting, or place them in pots that have no drainage, and your chances of success are greatly diminished. There is much variety in the types of containers available and not all work well for growing orchids. The type of potting media you use is very important, and the potting technique itself is somewhat exacting.

This blog entry will be followed by several more specific entries on these topics:

  • Pots and other containers
  • Types of potting media
  • Repotting techniques

I plan to also address many other topics in future weeks including:

  • Watering correctly
  • Fertilizing your plants
  • Temperature, light, and air movement
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Author: Bob

Bob has been growing orchids since 1985 and commercially since 1989. He has had several orchid articles published in the AOS Bulletin, AOS Culture Guide, and in Orchids Magazine. He currently resides in Chapel Hill, NC and runs Carrboro Tropicals, Chapel Hill's only provider of locally-grown orchid plants.

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